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(formerly known as The Northern Ireland German Shepherd Dog Training & Working Trials Club)
Member of the German Shepherd Dog Breed Council of GB
Member of the Irish Kennel Club
WUSV membership contemplated


The Ulster German Shepherd Dog Club is a club dedicated to the betterment of the breed in Ireland through complete service and commitment to the GSD. Promoting and encouraging the sport of working dogs, encompassing tracking, obedience and agility. To engender a genuine interest in the breed by promoting a full range of activities involving the GSD. To foster the skill of dog handling and training in competitive contests and to ensure a greater understanding of canine matters especially as pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog.

*Disclaimer* No views, comments etc. on any other website are those held by the Ulster GSD Club. Any comment this club has to make will be posted on this site.

NEW *Our next Championship show is on SUNDAY 23rd APRIL 2017*
At Harland & Wolff Welders FC
Tillysburn Park
Holywood Road, Belfast 4
JUDGE: Miss Sally Gunner (Crossingate) England

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President Jean Duff

I have been chosen to put together a few notes of introduction to welcome you to the web site of the Ulster German Shepherd Dog Club. You have of course, made the correct start by selecting the GSD as your companion dog.

  • Awareness
    At our training sessions we endeavour to make all members conscious of the need for responsible dog ownership no matter what field of activity they wish to pursue with their GSD.

  • Training
    Members come to the club to have the dog trained in order to accomplish some task or other. Perhaps, however, I could say at the outset that in many cases it is the owners we are educating on the training field. The dogs are all capable of doing the 'job' but through the club we hope that all members have many happy moments together, just them and their dog.

I hope you all enjoy your dogs and look forward to your patronage even if it is just for a 'chat' and remember 'Sundays are for German Shepherd Dogs' at the club.

Chairman John Perry

You have made the first step in realising your dog’s needs by coming along to the club. Whilst we try to cater for all your needs it is essential that you inform us exactly what those needs are, whether you wish just to socialise, breed training, work your dog or basically just chat about GSDs. Whatever the requirement we are happy to acquiesce but you must tell us.

Your Needs
We try to structure our classes to accommodate you the member so it is important that you are present at the time your class is scheduled. Your needs are important to us – you and your dog are the club.

If you wish to work towards competitive trials we can assist you on this level and perhaps you could indicate your interest to myself or any other officer/committee member in this respect. Good luck with your dog and welcome to our club.

For all enquiries regarding the administration, training or first attendance please contact the Hon. Secretary Karen Milliken