Membership Details

  • Objectives
    To promote and encourage the sport of working dogs, encompassing tracking, obedience, agility and protection work. To foster the skill of dog handling and training in competitive contests and to ensure a greater understanding of canine matters especially as pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog.

  • Club sessions
    Sunday 11 am at training grounds at Craigantlet. In summer months evening sessions are arranged. Various seminars and training meetings may be arranged at other times during the year.

  • Membership fee
    To be paid before the Annual General Meeting each year and covers a family/partnership (check amount with secretary/treasurer as this may vary from time to time).

  • Training fee
    A weekly subscription of 3.00 is levied on all members attending sessions for the purpose of training their dogs. This fee is charged whether there is a trainer present or not - the fee is for the use of the club grounds at any time during any one week. There is a 50p charge for members without dogs. The fee is not payable if members are not using the grounds.

  • Rules
    Each member of the club should be in possession of a full set of rules which includes the aims and objectives of the club and particular attention is emphasised concerning the x-ray of hips, ie it is recommended that all dogs in training over the age of 18 months must have their hips x-rayed through the BVA hip scoring scheme.

  • General
    Any enquiries regarding the administration of the club to be addressed to the Hon Secretary Karen Milliken. In matters of training or on an individual first attendance liaise with Billy Boyd.

  • Aims and Objectives
    Membership Application Form