We would like to congratulate:-

The Club held a KC Bronze Good Citizen test on 21st July with a BBQ after for all the members. The guest examiner was Jacquie Brachi, the well known obedience judge. All 8 dogs passed. Congratulations to

  • Hilary Beggs with Zola (Peggie's Wishes),
  • Collette Barr with Karla ( Komrad Kimmi),
  • Brenda Davidson with Max,
  • Angela Rainey with Sheba,
  • Lorraine Dunn with Ka'Boom (Komrad Ka'Boom),
  • Philip Carson with Molly (Willowdale Calli),
  • David Wylie with Guiness (Basil's Dilemma) and
  • Andy Ashenhurst with Rumer.

On the obedience scene this year in Northern Ireland we have seen the reappearance of the GSD in a big way. Very noticeable by the absence of the breed over the last 10 years the Ulster GSD Club members have now started to make a dent in the usual line up of the Border Collie. From the start of the obedience season we have seen our members have won consistently in their classes. Ricky Dunn new to competitive obedience this year started the season at Bangor with his first venue into Pre-beginners by gaining a 1st with Rory and 2nd with Ellie. At the same event Kellie McCaughan and Izzy gained a fourth in Beginners and Karen Milliken and Chaos gaining a 4th in their first venture in the A class.

At Down DDTC later that month Karen & Chaos gained 2nd in A. Herbie McCaughan handled Izzy on this occasion to gain a 2nd in Pre-beginners. Ricky gained 1st and 2nd place with Ellie and Rory in Beginners. Karen Murray & Rollo gained a special Best attitude in Beginners.

Ards Championship show held obedience for the first time this year. Under IKC rules Ricky gained 2nd with Rory and 4th with Inga.

Ballyrawer DTC saw the club well represented again with Ricky gaining a 3rd with Ellie and 4th with Inga in Beginners. Roberta Bolster & Kaiser come 3rd in Novice and Ricky and Ellie gain 6th place. Karen & Chaos gained a 3rd in the A class.

Lisburn saw Kellie & Izzy come 2nd and Ricky and Ellie placed 4th in Beginners. At City of Belfast DTC Kellie and Izzy gained a 1st in Pre-Beginners and Ricky gaining a 2nd and 4th place in the line up in Beginners. The next day at Castlereagh DTC Ricky came 1st with Rory and 2nd with Inga in the Beginners class.

At Down DDTC Obedience show at the start of August we had Kellie & Izzy gain a 4th in Beginners and Karen & Chaos taking 3rd in A. This was also Karen's Riot's first time out in Novice where she gained a Best attitude special for her display of aerobatics. Interestingly most of these dogs have also been shown and/or are surveyed.

  • Ricky and Lorraine Dunn's Rory = Mascani Ludwig,
  • Inga= CH.Miscani Kandi BH, Ellie= Conbhairean Ellie.
  • Karen Milliken's Chaos=Chaos von Salix Traumhaus BH, Nov ex.Riot=Nedindax Riot.
  • Karen Murray's Rollo=Besondere Hagrid.
  • Roberta Bolster's Kaiser=Willowdale Igel BH and
  • Herbie and Kellie McCaughan's Izzy= Dayami's Amethyst.



We would like to congratulate:-

Ricky and Lorraine Dunn in making their Inga Miscandi Kandi up to a UK Champion. Ricky, Lorraine and Inga then went on to be awarded Best in Show and the 2 Day National GSD show in Scotland. This was a fantastic achievement.

Albert Balmer, John Perry and Pauline Sewell and their dogs for their numerous Green Star wins.

Kellie McCaughan with Izzi in Pre Beg, Karen Murray with Boss in Beginners, Roberta Bolster with Kaiser in Novice and Karen Milliken with Chaos in A who all where placed in the top 5 in classes throughout the year

Breffny Steele and Faye have recently been asssessed and became a certified PAT (pets as therapy) Dog and is now eating cake in local residential homes. Karen Murray and Karen Milliken who attended the Kennel Club’s seminar, assessment and exam to become A list Bronze Good Citizen assessors. Louise Dunn with her 10 year old black lab Harley who at the club grounds was tested by Ian and gained his Bronze KC Good Citizen and also raised funds for Guide dogs for the Blind.



We would like to congratulate:-


On 27.11.11 the Ulster GSD Club held the KC Bronze Good Citizen test.

9 dogs were successful so congraulations to

  • Breffny Steel and Faye,
  • Peter Booth and Nedindax Keri,
  • Damian Nowacki and Tunga,
  • Michael Cholewa and Scooby (Donegore Arko)
  • John Brown and Reenroe Diesel,
  • Peter Wylie and Ruby (Besondere Halle)
  • Lorraine Dunn and Rory (Mascani Ludwig)
  • Stephen Barr and Arthur (only 6 months old)
  • Liz Young and Nedindax Eve of Destruction.

This has been a successfully year for club members with 9 Bronzes, 8 Silvers and 7 Gold awards.

On 5th June the club held the Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Test.

We had 5 passes that day so congratulations to

  • Ricky & Inga (Mascani Kandi)
  • Collette & Meischa,
  • Kenny & Trooper (Besondere Anderson)
  • Louise & Xeka (Willowdale Wespe) and
  • Pauline & Besondere Grace.

    We also had Karen Murray and Boss (Willowdale Xaul) gain his Gold Good Citizen with the Ballywalter Clickers.

    On the Obedience front Roberta Bolster and Kaiser (Willowdale Igel) took 1st in Beginners at Coleraine and then at Castlereagh on 3rd July. This entitles him to the title Beginners excellent.

    Karen Milliken and Chaos gained a 4th place in Novice at Castlereagh & DTC Obedience show in a class of over 30 dogs.


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