There are several special category trials run by the club for its members only. These make successful practice grounds for future opportunities.

The Good Citizen Scheme is run for members as well as for North Down and Ards Borough Councils. The Kennel Club provide all the rosettes and certificates for these events and the club augments these awards for our members.

The Club's committee meet on a regular basis. the AGM of the Club is held every September in accordance with Irish Kennel Club rules.

The training grounds are not for the exercising of dogs but for working the dogs. They may be used for a quick bit of praise after working has finished but the animals should not be allowed to urinate or foul on the grounds at any time. Please also remember to clean up after your dog. No parking is allowed on or around the forecourt of the garage (the garage owner's rules not ours).

Training equipment is available from Ass Treasurer Karen Murray.  She holds a stock of leads, check chains, bite rolls, and various other items. 

The club also assists two local Councils with their activities within the sphere of 'responsible ownership for dogs'. We run training classes and fun events and have been doing this for some years now.

Computerised Systems
As the club has now purchased a high tech system in order that it may conduct its business affairs and the 'other' affairs of the club, we can offer members, at a nominal rate, various services such as:

  • Pedigree forms

  • Pedigree research

  • Pedigrees complete

    The club also has information from the Kennel Club records produced on all animals hip scored to end of 2000. The Assistant Secretary can provide you with information from this data.

    We can now also produce professional type schedules/catalogues and booklets.

    We can also offer this service to non-members, clubs and affiliates at a realistic fee.

    This is provided at the training grounds for no extra cost. Please use plastic cups provided or bring your own mug. Please wash your dishes afterwards!?