The Past

The past Chairman of the Club for many years, Denis Murphy, wrote the following on the formation of this working club. He started by explaining that he was giving the history and origins of the club and that although the name may be new the purpose, dedication and commitment to the working GSD by the founder members has been in existence for some years.

The structure that is evident today was conceived some 20 years ago during one of many frequent trips to Limerick and the creation of a new dog sport for the North of Ireland emanated. Originally known as the Working Group, the very few interested parties in the beginning, listened, watched and drew on knowledge from all willing sources resulting in more and more interest being generated in this new found sport. However, not all interest was complimentary but notwithstanding the progress of the group proceeded. Some 10 years ago the group was reformed and renamed the Northern Schutzhund Association evolving with the same two founder members forming the nucleus. Shortly after formation a further three conscientious enthusiasts allied to the cause and these five crusaders campaigned to the standard of today's quality.

Some time ago with the number of new members escalating at a pleasing rate and wishing to formalise the working dog competitiveness in Northern Ireland it was decided to establish a recognised Kennel Club establishment in order that all aspects of the German Shepherd Dog's capabilities within the working scene could be nurtured and developed. Several trials/assessments have been held by our association the most notable being the first with Herr Mai SV in 1988, followed by Herr Peter Arth in 1990 and in September 1991 with Herr Hans Knorth. 1992 seen the wheels in place for the launch of our first comprehensive four day event, incorporating a two day trial, dance, talk in and practical seminar with an SV judge officiating. Unfortunately fellow GSD enthusiasts campaigned to destroy this event and to some extent succeeded. Fortunately the club recovered and was in an even stronger position than before thus ensuring that it moved from strength to strength.

Our very successful and popular demonstration team has always been in great demand at local fetes and summer events throughout the locality.  

The Present

Our original ethos was working only but as the years have progressed a real need has developed for the club to encompass all aspects of the breed. In fact the concept of a club catering for the GSD's every need was the original thought at conception. Activities promoted today are:

  • Tracking
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Ringcraft
  • Puppy socialisation
  • Education
  • Seminars

    And the fun occastions such as:
  • Summer B-B-Q
  • Annual Dinner & Prize Giving
  • Breed Shows
  • Breed Matches
  • and many more ad hoc events

The officers and committee offer the members a fully comprehensive service from birth (even pre birth) to old age, in connection with the breed.

We look forward every year to members’ achievements in the working scene and now can also enjoy the success our members are also achieving in the show ring, making the club an all round centre of excellence for the GSD. The "club" does not seek to impose its ideals on any member but rather leads by example in the hope that the GSD will be the winner. Ultimately the strength of any club is in its members, and rightly so, and accordingly our club’s membership is of the highest order and any secretary could have nothing but praise for their enthusiasm and support over especially the last few years. Without these individuals the club and the GSD would be the loser.

For all enquiries regarding the administration, training or first attendance please contact the Hon. Secretary Karen Milliken